Even in the past, well-aligned and complete teeth were prized. Our ancestors’ lack of established oral hygiene made these characteristics sought after. Thankfully, we know better and religiously follow known dental hygiene, such as flossing and brushing.

However, excellent oral hygiene will not give you a complete set of teeth. You can go old school and try dentures, but why not dental implants?

Dental implants are not new technology, but they can help you reconstruct your smile and confidence. However, many still fear having them because of the numerous associated myths. Let us debunk some of them:

They Are Too Expensive

Many think that dental implants are expensive. They are not. The initial cost of an implant is relatively decent. Some insurance companies can even cover this procedure.  

Moreover, the long-term benefits are incomparable to the initial cost. Eventually, a dental implant will last for decades, and you will not need to spend money on your dental procedures now and then. To maximize the dental implant cost-to-benefit ratio, consider finding a good track record and competitive pricing provider.

They Are Painful

Dental implants are not exactly painless, but the pain is not intolerable, and you can easily endure it. There are two particularly uncomfortable parts of the process. The first is when the implant is still in the process of being placed. It is not painful as the process of removing impurities from your teeth.    

The second is the healing stage. It is the time when your gums will be sore and may even bleed when you brush. However, this stage usually passes within a couple of days.

Placing and fixing the dental implant is delicate, but the recovery is fast. You will be happy to have gone through it when you get your new teeth.

It Is Easier to Wear Dentures

Denture-wearers will claim that dental implants are challenging to maintain and bothersome to use, but this is a myth. Dentures are problematic because their retention is not as stable as dental implants. They are challenging to keep in place, leading to them falling off. Moreover, they can cause various complications, such as gum irritation, tooth decay, and the like.

Dental implants, on the other hand, offer stability and durability. These are not only in place but do not cause problems for your oral health and the rest of your body. The success rate for this operation is relatively high.   

It Is Completely for Aesthetic Purposes

The best part of dental implants is that they are not only aesthetic but also functional. They are not like dentures, which are just shells of what they used to be. When you get dental implants, you get the whole package – a working, comfortable, and complete set of teeth. You can eat what you like and smile as big as you want.    

Dental implants can help you get back your smile and confidence. There are few things as attractive as an adorable smile, and it is yours for the taking.  You can get your beautiful smile by getting dental implants. Contact us to learn more about dental implants and how you can regain your confidence.


Dental implants are not something you should fear. You will have a new set of teeth in as little as three months after the initial surgery. The recovery time is short, and it is worth it.

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