Dental Implant North Bethesda

Dental Implant North Bethesda

Missing teeth are known to cause oral health issues. For instance, the risks of tooth decay and periodontal disease are likely to increase. Also, patients often show signs of premature aging and a decrease in jaw bone strength and density. Fortunately, patients can choose dental implants to replace missing teeth and their roots.

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Causes of Missing Teeth

Tooth decay, injury, gum disease, or even genetic conditions can be the reason for a missing tooth. Despite the cause, replacing a missing tooth is essential for your oral health. 

There are many ways for doing this, which include using dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. However, many patients prefer dental implant North Bethesda for numerous reasons.

Benefits of Dental Implant North Bethesda

The treatment for missing teeth using dental implants involves inserting a titanium post in the lower or upper jaw followed by the replacement tooth. The metal post allows the tooth to remain in place and provides a permanent base for the replacement tooth.

Dental implant North Bethesda is preferred since it looks like a  natural tooth and lasts for years. Also, with the dental implant, the nearing teeth are not involved. Thus, they remain intact naturally.

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Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Preserves Healthy Bone Structure

When someone loses a tooth, and they do not replace it, their jawbones that it has fulfilled its duty; thus, it starts degenerating. 

As this happens over time, the jawbone strength and density get compromised. The dental implant, however, does not preserve the bone but it stimulates it.

Prevents Teeth from Shifting

Most people think that replacing a missing tooth is rather not necessary since no one will notice. In fact, each of the teeth plays a specific function, and each of them needs the other. One tooth helps its adjacent one to stay in its proper position. 

When you have a missing tooth, the adjacent one gets a high chance to drift towards the gap left. The missing tooth also eliminates the support it once gave to the lower or upper tooth. 

Since the tooth that once used to support it from above or below is missing, supra eruption starts happening. As a result, periodontal problems can start happening. One may also experience abnormal tooth wear and bite problems. 

Provides Dental Health Support

You have seen other alternatives to dental implants, which are overdentures and using bridges. These are viable options; however, they come with a fair share of setbacks. Dental implants, on the other hand, provide independent retention as well as support, just like the normal tooth. 

The other two procedures usually rely on the adjacent teeth for restoration and support.

Dental implants do not need one to reduce other teeth, such as when using the tooth support bridge. It’s because the adjacent teeth aren’t altered to support this implant; thus, the rest of the teeth are left intact, thus improved long term oral health.

 Individual implants are also beneficial since they allow for easier access between your teeth. As a result, oral hygiene is improved.


Unlike removable dentures, dental implants allow one to get rid of the embarrassing inconvenience of having to remove the denture from time to time. You also do not have to apply messy adhesive each time, some of which might contain dangerous chemicals if used in excess.

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