Maintaining healthy teeth is crucial to your overall health, regardless of age. Besides helping you chew food properly and talk clearly, they contribute to your appearance and self-esteem. Strong teeth can also reduce your risk of contracting severe health conditions. 

Unfortunately, some people neglect the importance of these good habits, which ruins your overall well-being. Although dental fillings and crowns may help, tooth decay, infection, trauma, gum disease, or teeth crowding may need removal. You could also schedule a wisdom tooth extraction if it’s painful or disrupting your daily activities. 

While the procedure is usually painless, your dentist may require you to rest for a few days to ensure total healing. If you want to recover successfully and quickly, this article will help you recover from a tooth extraction.

1. Get Some Rest

Like other medical procedures, it’s normal to feel lethargic after a wisdom tooth extraction because your body is healing. Thus, you should avoid intense physical activities for about two days because it can slow down the healing process and increase blood pressure in your head, leading to bleeding at the extraction site. You should also refrain from lifting heavy objects. 

You can keep the blood from the extraction site, aid in faster healing, and help reduce inflammation by elevating your head with a pillow. You should also take this time to rest and engage in relaxing activities like watching your favorite movies or TV shows or napping. 

2. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Dentists have constantly reminded us about the significance of practicing good oral hygiene. And good habits like brushing or flossing regularly have been even more essential after a wisdom tooth extraction or letting your dentist remove damaged teeth. 

While you can still brush or floss, you should avoid the area where they removed the tooth. You can reduce swelling and keep your mouth clean by rinsing your mouth with salt water 24 hours after the procedure and repeating it several times daily. That way, you can avoid unpleasant infections. 

3. Control the Inflammation

After the anesthesia’s effects subside, you may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort around the extraction site. This unpleasant feeling should disappear in a few days, and you can relieve it with non-prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. You could also apply an ice pack to the affected area several times daily. 

However, if the pain persists after a few days, you must immediately consult your dentist because it could indicate an underlying problem, like an infection. Not urgently addressing this issue can lead to complications and more expenses. 

4. Eat Soft Foods

You may feel tempted to reward yourself with your favorite snacks after a damaged tooth removal or wisdom tooth extraction. However, dentists don’t recommend munching on hard foods after the procedure because it can injure the extraction site. 

You can ensure a speedy recovery by eating enough calories and consuming soft foods like soup, yogurt, and apple sauce for the first two days after the treatment. While smoothies can also provide nutrients, you should use a spoon instead of a straw. Moreover, slowly reintroduce crunchier foods once the area heals; most patients can return to their regular diet within seven to ten days. 

5. Avoid Bad Habits

You must avoid smoking and drinking hot liquids and alcohol after tooth removals because they can hinder healing and damage the treated area. You should also use a spoon instead of a straw when consuming beverages to avoid dislodging the blood clot that forms after the procedure. Moreover, remember that a dislodged clot can cause a dry socket, a painful complication resulting in unpleasant consequences. 


Dental procedures like damaged tooth removals and wisdom teeth extractions are common ways to address oral health issues. However, you must also do your part to ensure a successful recovery. You can prevent complications by following your dentist’s instructions, resting, and practicing good oral hygiene. 

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