If you look up teeth whitening, you’ll find many products and claims about how they work. There are only two options for tooth whitening. You should not expect obvious outcomes if a product does not fall into one of these categories.

Bleaching for Natural Teeth

Despite what marketers of numerous over-the-counter treatments claim, only one chemical can change the color of teeth. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel and oxidizes dark-colored molecules within the rigid tooth structure. It bleaches the underlying tooth color by breaking down darkly colored components.

The teeth whitening industry is always evolving and researching. Only peroxide compounds, at this moment, demonstrate true whitening capacity.

Removal of Surface Stains

A product that could bring on any teeth whitening claims without a peroxide ingredient by removing superficial stains. Most people’s teeth develop dark spots on the outside surface of their teeth during their lives. We have a couple of options for removing these superficial stains. You can avoid substantial stains from accumulating over time by polishing regularly.

Surface stains are erased using ultra-fine abrasive particles. The idea is to remove stains, not enamel. Anyone who has used sandpaper understands that applying a coarse abrasive material causes the surface roughness to become rougher. However, using a fine abrasive substance will smooth and polish the surface without destroying the underlying enamel.

What Are the Different Teeth Whitening Options?

The variety of teeth whitening solutions can be overwhelming. Understanding how tooth whitening works can help you comprehend the numerous outlined methods.

Whitening Toothpaste

Mild abrasive particles in whitening toothpaste create a very fine sandpaper effect, gently scraping away the surface stains that accumulate over time. Although whitening toothpaste does not change the color of the underlying tooth, it can provide the illusion of whiter teeth by eliminating black particles from the surface. These toothpastes are also great for keeping your teeth white after doing genuine teeth whitening.

Whitening Strips Available Over-the-Counter

Many over-the-counter whitening treatments include the correct active component and offer visible results. Whitening strips are the type of solution that consistently delivers the best results. The strips have a whitening gel that clings to the teeth for a specified amount of time.

In-Office Whitening Systems

A professional in-office whitening procedure is the best alternative for patients who need whitening results rapidly. In-office teeth whitening systems, a high-strength whitening gel is used to create visible color change in roughly an hour. This is an excellent decision if you have a big event in less than a week and can’t wait for home treatments to work.

The intensity of the active substances in these systems varies, as does the usage of lights or lasers. Because the active element in in-office systems is so potent, a dental expert must employ a protective barrier over the gum tissues and closely monitor the process. Lighting and activating the system’s specific gel, lights, and lasers can speed up the whitening process.

Is Whitening Your Teeth Safe?

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use an ADA-approved whitening solution, teeth whitening is safe. Any whitening technique should always be reviewed with your cosmetic dentist to avoid major side effects. Sensitive teeth and gum soreness are the most common teeth whitening side effects, but they are just temporary and should disappear after you stop whitening.


An easy and effective technique to improve your smile is to whiten your teeth. Many people gain confidence due to getting a brighter, whiter grin! Schedule a consultation with a dental office today to learn more about the best and safest teeth whitening options.

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