If you have loose teeth in North Bethesda, you will want to contact our dental office as soon as possible.  Tooth looseness more often than not is a fairly late sign and symptom of periodontal (gum) disease. Untreated, this inflammatory disease caused by dental plaque destroys the supporting structures of the teeth, most importantly, bone. As bone is progressively lost, teeth gradually become loose and are unable to withstand normal biting forces. Inevitably, as the disease progresses, unabated and untreated, the teeth become so loose and uncomfortable they will be lost.

It is not inevitable that you will lose your teeth, but looseness is not a good sign. The problem of loose teeth is complex but treatable. You should see your general dentist in North Bethesda immediately for a complete and thorough examination to determine the cause and severity of your condition and what can be done to save your teeth.

Pike District Smiles can help you with your loose teeth in North Bethesda.  Our highly educated and trained dentist and staff will work with you to provide custom solutions for your dental problems.  We can help you achieve oral health and find your Hollywood smile!  Contact us online today or give us a call to set up your convenient and affordable appointment today.