Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers allow you to correct multiple issues with your smile with just one treatment. Dr. Nikkhah helps patients in North Bethesda and Rockville restore chipped, stained and uneven teeth with beautiful porcelain veneers.

Dental veneers consist of a hard but thin shell made of porcelain designed to look like your natural teeth. This shell is permanently bonded over your teeth, correcting multiple issues and allowing you to have the smile you’ve always wanted with just one treatment.

What Issues Can Dental Veneers Correct?

People who are an ideal fit for Dental laminates are those who have numerous issues with their smile, or alternatively, one issue that’s more severe, including:

  • Deeply stained teeth that don’t respond to a professional whitening
  • Teeth that have severe dental fluorosis (white spots on the teeth)
  • Smiles that have numerous chips
  • Teeth with minor orthodontic issues such as crooked or gapped teeth
  • Worn down teeth, such as from teeth grinding
  • Uneven or oddly-shaped teeth

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Benefits of Choosing Dental Veneers with Dr. Nikkhah

There are many benefits of getting dental laminates in North Bethesda. Dental veneers are resistant to staining, meaning they’ll help your teeth remain white and bright, especially with regular home care and dental visits.

Dental laminates can also protect your teeth from tooth sensitivity, as they give an added layer to your natural smile that keeps hot or cold foods from reaching the nerves of your teeth. Some patients with tooth sensitivity find their discomfort improves after getting dental veneers.

Dental laminates also provide a very natural-looking and uniform smile, giving you perfect teeth with no orthodontic work, teeth whitening or dental bonding. Veneers can simultaneously correct cosmetic issues for a comprehensive treatment option.

What to Expect When Getting Dental Veneers

First, you’ll have a consultation and exam with Dr. Nikkhah to discuss your goals for your smile and review all your treatment options. As dental veneers are permanent, it’s important to be sure this form of restoration is the best choice for you.

Should you decide dental laminates are the best option for your smile, Dr. Nikkhah will take impressions of your teeth to send out to a lab to construct your dental veneers. This process takes approximately one to two weeks.

Once your final restorations are back from the lab, you’ll schedule an appointment to come in and get your dental laminates placed in Rockville. During this process, a tiny amount of tooth enamel will be removed so that Dr. Nikkhah can properly bond the dental veneers to your teeth.

You’ll need to come in for a follow-up appointment to ensure your dental laminates are fitting properly and that you’re happy with the results. Once the procedure is over, all you need to do is enjoy your new smile!

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