Dental Prosthetic

Full or partial dentures can help you restore your smile and avoid the embarrassment of living with missing teeth. At Pike District Smiles, we offer custom dentures in a variety of options for your unique smile.

Whether you’re missing all or just a few teeth, replacing them is crucial. Dentures not only aid in chewing and digestion but also enhance pronunciation and confidence in speech.

Our teeth are also subject to shifting, so even one or two missing natural teeth can affect your entire smile. Fortunately, Dr. Nikkhah can help restore your smile with either full or partial dentures custom made for you in Rockville.

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What Are My Options for Replacing Missing Teeth with Dentures?

You have a few options for customizing your dentures to restore the look and function of your smile. Our tooth replacements options in North Bethesda are available for both the upper and lower jaw.

Immediate Dentures
Pike District Smiles offers immediate dentures, which is a restoration designed specifically for you until your final restoration can be placed. Whether or not you’re using tooth replacements to restore your smile, immediate tooth replacements can act as a temporary restoration to help you avoid living without teeth while your final restoration is made.

Implant-Retained Dentures
When you want a sturdier option for a full set of dental prosthetic, Pike District Smiles offers the ability to have your replacements placed on dental implants for increased security. Implant-supported dentures could include the following arrangements:

  • Ball attachment. In this setup, two dental implants are placed in your lower jaw and act as an anchor for the denture, allowing for better stability without investing in a full set of implants.
  • Bar attachment. Using four to six implants, a bar attachment allows a custom-made bar to support your dentures and provide enhanced stability. In a bar attachment, your dentures can still be removed for cleaning.
  • Screw-retained denture. A permanently-attached option only removable by your dentist, a screw-retained denture involves placing five or more implants for the most secure option when getting dentures.

Partial Dental Prosthetic
A partial denture is designed for one or a few missing teeth and constructed using a combination of acrylic and metal. Dr. Nikkhah creates your partial denture based on your specific smile, allowing the chewing forces to be spread evenly and giving you the ability to speak and chew better.

More Information About Dentures

It’s important to remember that even though you may be missing some or all of your natural teeth, regular dental checkups are still important, as your tooth replacements will need to be replaced every few years to remain comfortable and sturdy.

Customizing your teeth allows you to feel secure in your restoration choice and enjoy your smile again. If you’ve been living without your natural teeth, there’s no better time than now to seek replacement options. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nikkhah at Pike District Smiles.

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