Patients often come into our office and have questions for our dentist in Rockville, Maryland.  Below are two questions along with our expert answers.  Please check back often as we update with more questions and answers regularly from our Rockville dental office!

Question: Is there a benefit in using electric toothbrush as opposed to manual?

Rockville Dentist Answer: Yes!  An electric toothbrush (Oral-B is my personal favorite) has a smaller bristle head so you can reach all the way to the back of the back teeth and remove theplaque.  Also, because it rotates, it removes a lot more plaque in two minutes of brushing and you can feel the difference when you brush with an electric tooth brush. Your teeth feel a lot smoother and cleaner!

Question: Does teeth whitening damage your enamel?

Rockville Dentist Answer: Absolutely not! It only opens up the tubules in your dental enamel and removes the staining from inside those tubules and as a result your teeth look whiter.  Your tooth health will never be in danger, but you will have a dazzling smile before you know it!

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