invisalign north bethesdaIf you have a minor imperfection in your smile, such as a crooked tooth or gap, you are most likely a prime candidate for Invisalign in North Bethesda.  Minor or simple movements mean the teeth don’t have to be moved very far, maybe a millimeter or two, just like in your case of closing a small gap between two front teeth. It also means that the appliances used are relatively simple in design and because the movements are minor the procedure generally takes months, not years.

There are a few important things that our comfortable Invisalign dentist in North Bethesda will observe to make sure that these minor movements can be carried out simply safely. As with everything in dentistry, correct assessment or diagnosis of the problem is essential to correct treatment. For instance, with a small gap between your front teeth:

  • Is there enough room to close the space without creating a bite problem with the lower teeth?
  • Are the roots of the teeth in reasonably good position to allow for minor tooth movement to close the space? Radiographs (x-rays) will be essential to assess this and models may also be necessary for study purposes.
  • Is there an involuntary tongue habit that has pushed the teeth forward and created the gap? — This could be difficult or impossible to fix.
  • Is there a large “frenum” the little frond of tissue that runs between the teeth and up into the lip causing the teeth to separate? This may require a very minor and routine surgery to remove it and allow the teeth to stay together after space closure.
  • Are the surrounding gum tissues and the bone healthy?

Dr. Samia Nikkhah, who has taken advanced training in Invisalign, will answer these and other questions and carry out the minor tooth movement safely and uneventfully.

Depending upon the assessment, and bearing in mind that each person’s diagnosis is individual, Invisalign clear retainers are typically the best option for minor tooth movement treatment.  If you are interested in fixing your smile with Invisalign in North Bethesda, please contact our office today to get more information and to schedule your free consultation.