Like many other dental-related issues, the topic of braces is debatable. While some kids are lucky enough never to need braces, others do so more quickly. Genetics and oral care also play a part.

What Causes Kids to Need Braces?

Many people hold the mistaken belief that braces are exclusively for aesthetic purposes or that they can only be used to straighten teeth. 

Your child may need pediatric care in Manassas, VA. Your child might need braces in addition to having crooked teeth or gaps if they exhibit any of the following symptoms or signs:

  • early or late newborn tooth loss
  • mouth breathing
  • trouble eating or biting
  • finger sucking or other poor oral habits
  • teeth that are crowded, crooked, or blocked out
  • teeth clenching or grinding, shifting, projecting, or receding jaws
  • difficulty speaking
  • cheek-biting
  • facial imbalance or asymmetry

Identifying Your Child’s Brace Needs

Remember that adult teeth don’t always emerge into their designated sites as baby teeth fall out and new teeth replace them. As your child (and their mouth) grows, they frequently begin angling and gradually straighten out. Adult teeth are starting to erupt early, so don’t freak out or assume your child will invariably need braces.

But if you find that the teeth are still misaligned or crooked or if your child displays any of the other signs listed above, it’s a good idea to get them examined by an orthodontist or family dentist in Manassas, VA. 

When Should Your Child See an Orthodontist?

Although there is no set age for wearing braces, the American Academy of Orthodontists (AAO) suggests that children visit an orthodontist in Manassas for the first time no later than age 7. Orthodontists can now evaluate a child’s airway, bite, and oral habits. The orthodontist can then decide when and if braces or other orthodontic procedures are necessary.

It has been found that children can start wearing braces at seven. But at what age do kids often need braces? Between the ages of 9 to 14, most kids get braces.

The adverse effects of braces vary from patient to patient. Some children require a different course of treatment than others. You can trust that orthodontic care specialists always put the patient’s requirements first. 

When Should You Get Braces?

What age is required to use braces? Most kids acquire braces between the ages of nine and fourteen. Adults can still benefit from orthodontic treatment, and there is no right or wrong age to have braces. In general, braces are a possibility once the adult teeth have erupted. 

In a few rare cases, orthodontic treatment can begin even before all of the baby teeth have fallen out. Other crucial factors include knowing your child and whether they will understand how to take care of braces.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

If you see a problem with your children, such as bite difficulty, facial asymmetry, or jaw sounds, you don’t have to wait till they are 7 to have an orthodontic assessment done. Once a child sees an orthodontist, orthodontic treatment can start.

Early treatment lessens the possibility that a minor oral, biting, or airway issue will grow into a significant, chronic issue. Additionally, it allows an orthodontist to correct a condition that becomes impossible to address once a child’s face and jaw stop growing. 

Early orthodontic intervention is recommended for some reasons, including the ones listed below:

To correct a bad bite that might otherwise result in tooth decay, gum disease, accidental chipping, uneven tooth wear, or speech impediments, improve facial symmetry, lessen trauma to protruding front teeth, preserve space for teeth that haven’t yet erupted, decrease the need for tooth removal and jaw surgery.


An early orthodontic evaluation is ultimately very helpful. It allows an orthodontist in Manassas, VA, to help a youngster identify oral health problems at a young age so they may be treated. Additionally, the evaluation ensures that a parent can set their child on the path to a radiant, healthy smile.

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