Emergency Dentist North Bethesda

Emergency Dentist North Bethesda | It always seems to happen on a weekend. Everything is going fine until you notice that the minor tooth sensitivity that you’ve been experiencing has ratcheted up to serious level of pain that really gets your attention. Or you may realize that a tooth has become loose. How are you supposed to know if your aches and pains are within the range of normal or are a real cause for concern?

Left untreated, these types of problems can turn into a serious medical condition. The good news is that an emergency dentist is available if you should ever need one. You just need to know what qualifies as a true emergency, and what you can put up with until you make an appointment on Monday morning.

A Loose Tooth

As an adult, it is never normal to have a loose tooth. By this time, your teeth should have completely matured and developed into solid tools for helping you eat and speak. If you have begun noticing that one or more teeth are beginning to feel loose, a number of reasons are possibilities, and none of them are good.

One possibility is that your tooth is loose because it has been injured. This can be an extremely painful situation, and you should definitely seek out the care of an emergency dentist North Bethesda  right away. Whether the tooth was injured due to a sports accident or a car wreck, you want to ensure that your teeth are always healthy and intact. Even if the tooth outwardly looks fine, you will still want to visit an emergency dentist North Bethesda to have it checked out.

Bleeding, Tender Gums

It is not uncommon to experience minor gum bleeding or sensitivity when you take things too far with brushing and flossing. However, if the problem is ongoing, it could be an indication that you are developing gum disease.

If your gums are swelling or aching, your dentist will need to examine you to determine the cause. Early detection of gum disease is critical in maintaining the health of your gums and teeth to keep them intact. If the problem is actually gum disease, the condition can become irreversible when left untreated. So gums that are bleeding or tender are not necessarily a sign that you need emergency dental care, but you will definitely want to make an appointment with your regular dentist soon for an examination.

A Dental Abscess

Any symptoms consistent with a dental abscess should definitely send you to an emergency dentist right away. An abscess is an extremely painful type of infection typically located at the tooth root. This is normally due to a cavity or severe gum disease. An abscess can also develop after a tooth has undergone trauma that allows oral bacteria to enter into the tooth. The symptoms of an abscessed tooth include enlarged glands, severe pain, a foul taste in the mouth and fever.

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