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Tooth infections often result in visiting your Endodontist Rockville. This is a dental treatment of the tooth pulp when it has become infected, inflamed or died.

In brief, the dental pulp is a soft tissue found at the center of the tooth, consisting of nerves, a blood supply and connective tissue.

At the center of the tooth containing the pulp, is the hollow pulp chamber, stretching down canals that are found throughout the roots of the teeth and adjacent bone.

Every tooth has at least one canal, and some roots have multiple root canals.

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What conditions may lead to a root canal procedure?

  • Toothache. Pain from a toothache often indicates that a root canal procedure will be necessary.
  • Abscess. An abscess is a severe infection that will require a root canal procedure. This type of infection occurs when the dental pulp dies and a severe infection develops. An endodontist Rockville assists to save the tooth.
  • Trauma. Trauma to a tooth can result in the severance of a nerve at the end of the root, which then dies. It can happen immediately, or many years later following the initial trauma.

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Root Canal Procedure

Your dentist or endodontist Rockville will begin by numbing your tooth using local anesthesia so that you are comfortable during the procedure.

After your tooth has grown numb, a rubber dam will be placed over the tooth, keeping it isolated from contaminants.

Next, your dentist or endodontist Rockville will form an opening in your tooth and remove the dental pulp. The dental professional cleans the canals.

A rubbery material will be used to fill the root canals, and a temporary filling will be put into place.

After the completion of your root canal, the treated tooth will probably require a crown to prevent the tooth from fracturing.

The crown may be placed immediately, or later on to ensure that the tooth is free of pain by that time.

Is a root canal procedure painful?

After visiting your endodontist Rockville, you’ll be surprised that a root canal is no more uncomfortable than that of a dental filling procedure. You should be able to resume normal activities once anesthesia has faded.

Since a root canal patient is typically in extreme pain, the normal effect of the procedure is immediate and welcome pain relief with a minimal recovery time.

Patients do not typically require pain medication following a root canal procedure. You should be able to manage any discomfort or pain by taking over-the-counter pain relievers.

If you are still experiencing post-procedure root canal pain that does not resolve in a few days, contact your endodontist Rockville for further evaluation.

Learn More About Root Canal Procedures

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